Benefits of COR Certification


Deadlines for COR Certifications have arrived. Many Buyers of Construction have made it mandatory

Health and Safety Job Placement
  • 1900 Contractors have already registered for COR (April 2018).
  • 220 Contractors are now Certified (April 2018).
  • Nationally trademarked and endorsed by participating members of the Canadian Federation of  Construction Safety Associations.
  • By achieving COR, you will be able to demonstrate to buyers of construction that your health and safety  management system has been developed, implemented and evaluated on an annual basis through  comprehensive internal and external audits.
  • COR is recognized by industries throughout Canada. You will be part of a nationwide network  participating in and promoting health and safety excellence.
  • Buyers of construction can make COR a requirement for contractors bidding on jobs in order to be more confident in the contractor’s health and safety performance.
  • The effective development and maintenance of a health and safety management system is a proactive approach to eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Your corporate image will be enhanced within the industry and community. Commitment to a strong culture of safety will attract safety conscious workers.
  • Demonstrating that you have an effective health and safety management system will provide your Clients with confidence that you will bring superior safety practices to the workplace.

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