Search & Recruiting and Safety Staffing/ Job Placement

We provide a full and comprehensive search and recruitment service for Companies in the Construction Industry. We have helped many companies hire their full time Health and Safety Managers & other positions in Construction. Our services include:

  • Provide you with a detailed Contract/ Agreement of our service and deliverables.
  • Write and advertise the Job Posting.
  • Manage and receive all the resumes.
  • Interview and meet with the selected short list of candidates.
  • Schedule the interviews with the short and list and Client.
  • Draft the agenda and chair the interview meetings with the Client and candidates.
  • Conduct a full reference check and background on the candidate.
  • Negotiate salary and terms of employment
  • Prepare the Letter of Employment.
  • Continue to be a resource to the new employee throughout the term of employment.
  • Quarterly meetings with the Client and employee to ensure effective transition.